Medical Uses of Compression Socks

A deeper look into the medical benefits of wearing Compression Socks

Since the introduction of Compression socks, numerous medical uses were also realized. With several conditions that strain the legs, and assistance that might be needed after surgeries, compression Socks have become a therapeutic fashion that aids in keeping the legs healthy. Designs to favor ankle-high, thigh-high or waist-high stockings were developed and incorporate in the medical field. More designs have also been developed to match normal attire because the socks are being worn to work, on travel and while exercising. Therefore, borrowing from the fashion world to solve medical conditions is one of the biggest reaping from the discovery. Qualitative researches conducted on people who use compression socks versus those who do not, have shown promising and positive results. Doctors recommend these socks because they offer quick and comfortable therapy.

Varicose Veins treatment

The reasons for the occurrence of varicose and spider veins are not by any stretch of the imagination comprehended. In certain occasions, the failure or shortcomings of valves in the veins may cause poor venous course (blood stream in the veins) and lead to varicose veins. Valves inside veins regularly act to guarantee that blood in the veins does not stream a retrogressive way (reverse) far from the huge (profound) veins and the heart. They are chiefly situated in puncturing veins and some profound veins.

In different cases, failures in the vein dividers may cause pooling of the blood.

Before the adoption of compression socks in the treatment and care for individuals with varicose disorders, the condition would require the use of bandage rolls. Varicose disorders include conditions where blood veins are twisted or positioned in an awkward way, leading to blood clots and unreliable supply of blood to and from the legs. Though not terminal, varicose veins are a disorder that is treatable using compression socks. Compression Stockings help by exerting pressure on the veins around the skin, and with an additional tight grip around the muscles. The pressure exerted pushes the veins inwards, and aligns them properly making blood flow easier.

While patients who are suffer from varicose veins along with other venous disorders can be well aware of the advantages of wearing compression stockings, numerous other active people might not. A Simple fact of the matter is that almost everyone may reap the advantages of wearing compression stockings on a daily basis. Compression stockings are not just a wonderful treatment for varicose veins, but they may also encourage leg health and stop varicose veins in many people. They might be particularly beneficial to working individuals who’re standing or sitting for long periods during their daily routines. People like health care employees, bank tellers, shop clerks, travellers and teachers may realize a very large advantage from wearing compression socks every day. 

Relive pain
Wearing compression socks on a daily basis may alleviate those aching legs that individuals encounter towards the end of a long day. It’s not easy to come home and struggle to lift the tired legs after a long and stressful day. After spending long periods of time standing, and/or sitting down, the legs may feel weak or lucid. Also, due to professional demands, these positions don’t provide the legs with enough exercise or rest. Therefore, the pain felt is caused by the constant strain placed on the legs by the upper body or irregular flow of blood in the limbs. To mitigate this, special models for travelling purposes and office jobs were made. The graduated compression rings that run along the socks gently massage the leg muscles all day when sitting or standing. This compression will stop the venous blood from the legs from becoming lethargic and encourage good stream of blood from the legs back into the heart. They’ll also prevent the poised and back flow of the blood that causes aching and may cause other more serious venous problems. 

Treating Swollen Feet
Many individuals who stand or sit for long time periods will also experience swelling of the legs, ankles and the soles. This may make shoes, socks in addition to other garments to become uncomfortable and tight before the end of the day. Compression stockings may prevent this swelling if worn frequently. Constant leg swellings are also caused by sitting down and remaining motionless for long periods and other more severe ailments. Individuals, who travel on a daily basis without fail, frequently sit down motionless for long periods of time which can lead to ineffective supply of blood to the lower limbs. This is true not only on planes, but also in vehicles, trains, along with other transport services. When legs keep on hammering the muscles that typically pump the blood pumping blood to and from the legs, lactate and strain builds up resulting to swollen and painful legs. It is advisable for people who travel regularly to always wear compression stockings when traveling.

Therapeutic Workout and Muscle Injuries

Cuts, fractures and burns can leave both tissue and bode damaged and would require surgery to fix them. After surgeries, people would love to retain a good body structure and ensure that blood flow to the limbs is optimal. This is because Surgeries can make the flow of blood to and from the legs difficult due to the broken vessels. In addition, some operations may require the patient to remain bed ridden for weeks or months. During this period, movement may not be possible consequently making the legs frail. In the course and after such treatments, patients would need to use compression socks in order to aid them rejuvenate their strength. Also, patients with mobility problems can also enjoy the advantages of such socks. The socks ensure that the blood course is perfectly aligned to supply oxygenated blood to the legs, and deoxygenated blood to the heart and lungs.

More commonly, compression socks are used in sports and athletics. These energy intensive games depend on the physical fitness of the participants. Often, injuries may occur (cramped muscles, fractures etc.), and can be career threatening. To safeguard their most valuable assets (their bodies), athletes have been using compression socks. These special socks can be used to harness supply of blood to the legs in perfect forward direction. They not only enhance performance, but reports have also spelt out that people who wear compression socks have more endurance and rarely have a hard time after workouts. Lactate accumulated during workout can cause pain, discomfort and general limb weakness. To reduce the amounts accumulating in the muscles and legs, proper blood flow ensures that these wastes are taken to the proper disposal organs.

How do Compression Socks Work?

The Science and the fashion

There’s A New Craze in Town! Compression socks have taken over the fashion and fitness industries after people realized their advantages. The quick adoption of these socks has been favored by the endless need to keep fit while still remaining in style. The garments come in short or long models; adopting the names Compressor Socks or Compression Stockings.

These socks are mostly favored by athletes and individuals who have active schedules. In order to understand how compression socks work, we need to look at the science behind the fashion.

So, what are they?

Compression Socks are aesthetically similar to regular stockings (or socks), but have been modified to apply more pressure on the limbs. The design of these special socks allows a snug-fitting grasp which applies more pressure around the ankle area and gradually loosens up near the knees. So, they are not the regular socks that are sold in clothing stores. They come in different models and modifications as per the companies producing them. For example, there are recovery socks and performance sleeves. They also adopt different sizes and models as per the gender. The development of these specialized socks was to mainly increase the blood circulation to and from the lower limbs which is often poor due to the force of gravity.  They also provide comfort for people who yearn for better blood flow.

The Science behind the fashion

Due to the force of gravity, the flow of blood from the legs is dragged back and doesn’t reach the heart as required. This could be caused by engaging in activities like flying, running, standing up for long hours and/or complicated by underlying medical conditions. The elastic materials used to make the stockings ensure that constant pressure is applied to blood veins along the legs. Also, the elastic bands on the socks exert a tight grip around the muscles and in turn increase the pressure on the blood veins below the skin. Consequently, the blood veins reduce in size narrowing the blood vessel’s radius. As a result, this increases the vascular pressure around the feet and legs allowing blood to be passed faster.

What’s more interesting is that this technology helps in placing the intravenous valves in order. Valves help in eliminating the chances of blood flow in the opposite/reverse direction. Therefore, when the compressor socks exert pressure on the veins, the distance between the valve openings is reduced. In addition, the valves are properly aligned towards the direction of blood flow. People with blood circulation problems have benefit the most from this invention.

The Fashion

Fashionistas and extreme sports enthusiasts were the first to take on the “compression Socks” trend. Due to the trendy look and comfort that the socks provide, people quickly adopted them. Designers also took on the challenge to make the garments fancy, and have come up with a myriad of models and styles of the socks. Some are short and are worn around the ankle, others are knee-high while others are all the way up to the thighs. More sophistication came in when different manufacturers created different designs for various purposes; sleeves for performance and socks for health and comfort.

Users, manufacturers and medics have pointed out the numerous benefits of the compression socks. Though not medically tested, the theoretical health benefits that are associated with them have boosted their popularity and use.

People who use them

Compression socks have become popular widely but some groups of people have made notable use of the. 

  1. Athletes and heavy weight lifters: As a result of heavy exercise and constant pressure on the legs due to the body weight, an athlete may get lack enough oxygenated blood in the legs. Extreme sports can also lead to leg muscle strains or twist the blood flow. This could result in fatigue, injuries or muscle cramps. Compression socks have proven to increase the performance of sportsmen during and after training.
  2. Pilots, air crew and passengers: Long distance travellers often spend hours in a seated position. Sitting down for long periods deny the legs exercise which can lead to blood clots and/or weaken the health of the legs. Therefore, using compression socks to stimulate proper blood flow is very advisable for long hauls.
  3. People with circulation problems or at risk of contracting the same:  Medical conditions like edema, phlebitis and thrombosis are the number one beneficiaries of compressor socks. These venous disorders can be avoided and treaded by the use of these special socks. Health and recovery compressor socks are often prescribed by medics after proper diagnosis of such a condition. Compression socks therapy also helps in reducing swellings and aiding patients walk after surgeries.
  4. Pregnant women: Pregnancies are often accompanied by swollen ankles or legs. This is due to the extra fluid accumulating and increased weight gained through the pregnancy period. Compression socks are used to increase the blood flow around the legs, which in turn helps in transporting the fluids to other organs for proper disposal.
  5. People with active careers that require long hours standing up: Teaching, painting, masonry, and plant operation are some of the professions that require a person to stand. These engagements could be continuous for more than 6 hours in a day, leading to accumulation of lactate in the leg muscles. Hence, strain and pain is usually felt on the legs and can be alleviated by the use of Compression socks.

Whether an individual chooses to use compression socks for performance enhancement or recovery/therapy, the benefits reaped are many. Serious vascular conditions, mitigating risks of such defects has been applied by physicians and positive results have been realized. Also, apart from the above special uses, compression socks are very comfortable and can help in improving the general health. Some have used these socks to improve sleep and relaxation of the legs.

So, Why not try them out? Discover the comfort, medical benefits and test yourself on a run. Milestones of superb enhancements in performance, endurance and training kit aesthetics have been recorded with the invention of Compression socks.